Thursday, 10 June 2010

On the farm.

There's a lot to do on the farm at the moment, Guy looks utterly worn out, he's up past midnight and back on his tractor by 6.30. It doesn't leave much time for bedroom action. All part and parcel of being a farmer's wife but I'm gagging.

Thank goodness we're off for a break soon, a week in our holiday tepee just outside Staines. People ask me why we go there every year and I always give the same reply, Because we love it!

A good book, a game of split the kipper, it also gives Guy a chance to indulge in some crossdressing which really helps him relax. He could pass for a very attractive woman if he didn't have a beard and once he becomes Pauline it's Goodbye sexual wasteland. I just hold up his favourite blouse and he's as stiff as a flagpole. By the time we get home my arse is like a ripped out fireplace.

Last night I made a shepherd's pie but Guy wasn't hungry so there's loads left. I keep forgetting the boys are in prison and always do too much. They should be out in October.

Twelve years, just for shooting someone!


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